Physics MCQs For All Competitive Exams

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Multiple Choice Questions Que:1 Anemometer is used to measure: a) Wind direction b) Wind Velocity c) Pressure Gradient d) Wind speed and Time Que: 2 One astronomical unit is equal to: a) 9.46 x1015 m b) 1.5 x10 11 m c) 3x 108 m d)…Read more

Remote Work: Time Management

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Introduction: As the trend of remote work continues to rise, mastering the art of time management becomes crucial for individuals working from home. Without the traditional office structure, distractions and blurred boundaries can hamper productivity. In this article, we will explore practical time management strategies…Read more

Multiple Choice Questions- Biology

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Multiple Choice Questions Que: 1 Branch of biology which deals with the study of hereditary and variation a) Histology b)Genetics c) Cytology d) Evolution Que:2 How many chambers in fish heat are: a) Only One b) Only two c) Only three d) Some have two…Read more

Tofu Curry Recipe

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Tofu Curry

“Taste the Flavor of India with Tofu Curry!” Introduction Tofu Curry is a delicious and nutritious dish that is popular in many parts of the world. It is a vegan-friendly dish that is made with tofu, vegetables, and a flavorful curry sauce. The dish is…Read more

Nicotinamide-Uses, Side Effects, and More

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Nicotinamide-Uses, Side Effects, and More

“Nicotinamide: A Powerful Tool for Health and Wellness!” Introduction Nicotinamide, also known as niacinamide, is a form of vitamin B3. It is found in many foods, including yeast, meat, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, and cereal grains. It is also available as a dietary supplement….Read more

Success is in your hands – Rule it with Confidence!

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Success Rule

Table of Contents Introduction The Power of Positive Thinking and the Rule of Success How to Develop a Winning Mindset with the Rule of Success Strategies for Staying Motivated with the Rule of Success The Benefits of Following the Rule of Success How to Use…Read more

Lung Cancer: Types, Causes & Symptoms

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Lung Cancer

Introduction Lung cancer has been the second most common cancer. It accounts for one out of five malignancies in men and one out of nine in women. Unfortunately in recent years, the incidence of lung cancer has been steadily decreasing while the incidence of lung…Read more

Glycolysis: Phases Of Glycolysis

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Introduction Glycolysis is a metabolic pathway and foundation for both aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration It has evolved in all types of organisms. The scheme of glycolysis was given by Gustav Embden, Otto Meyerhof, and J.Parnas, and is often to referred as the (EMP) Embden-Meyerhof…Read more

White Bread: Is It Unhealthy For Human?

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White Bread

Introduction White Bread is manufactured with wheat flour from which the bran and germ are removed through the milling process, and only endosperm remains. Wheat contains three parts: bran(10-14%), germs (2.5-3.0%) and endosperm (80-85 %). When it goes through this process beneficial nutrients get rid…Read more

Cardiac Cycle: Phases of The Cardic Cycle

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Cardiac Cycle

“The Cardiac cycle includes all physiological events associated with the single heartbeat including electrical events, mechanical events( pressure and volume) and heart sounds.”In the cardiac cycle the period of time begins with contraction of atria and endsĀ  with ventricular relaxation. What Is Cardiac Cycle The…Read more