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Holi: The Symbolic Foods Of Holi

Raina Rahul Agarwal 15 Mar, 2024 Holi No Comments

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Holi is the festival of colours. It is a dazzling celebration that explodes with life everything. It is a cherished Hindu festival.  It celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the changing of the season from winter to spring. Holi is not just throwing colourful powder-it is also time for feasting and sharing delicious treats. Each dish served during Holi holds a special meaning, adding another layer of symbolism to the festivities.

Gujiya: One of the most iconic foods associated with Holi is Gujiya. These deep-fried crescent-shaped pastries are filled with a sweet mixture of khoya (reduced milk solids), nuts and candied fruits, Gujiya symbolizes sweetness and indulgence, making a happy beginning to the celebration. Gujiya is made by mould at home and you can buy these online also.

Thandai: This refreshing drink is a delightful blend of milk. nuts, dry fruits, seeds, spices and rose water. Thandai with its cooling properties, is perfect for the warm weather and signifies the start of spring. There are readymade thandai are also available which you can buy.

Puran Poli: It is a traditional Indian flatbread stuffed with sweet lentil filling and is another favourite during Holi. It symbolizes the cycling of seasons and the arrival of spring, with its rich flavours and comforting textures bringing warmth and joy to the festivities.

The Bhang: Potent Herbal drink: No discussion of Holi is incomplete without mentioning Bhang, a traditional herbal concoction made from cannabis leaves. While its consumption is restricted and regulated. Bhang holds a significant pace in Holi rituals, adding an element of euphoria and relaxation to the celebration.

Dahi Vada: Soft lentil fritters(vada) are immersed in creamy yoghurt (dahi) creating a delightful combination of textures and flavours. Dahi Vvada represents unity and togetherness, as the creamy yoghurt binds the vadas together.

Kanji Vada: This tangy dish features lentil fritters dipped in fermented mustard seed water. Kanji Vada symbolises cleansing and purification, reflecting the idea of letting go of negativity during Holi.


These are just a few examples of the many symbolic foods enjoyed during Holi. Each region in India may have its unique dishes and variations adding to the rich tapestry of the festival. The act of sharing these delicacies strengthens social bonds and fosters a sense of community. Whether you are celebrating Holi with friends and family or simply want to experience a taste of the festival, these symbolic dishes are a delicious way to join the festivities. With a little research, you can find these readymade foods online. So this Holi, savours the colour, the joy and symbolic foods that make this festival truly unique and delightful.

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