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MCQs For General science For Various Competitive Exams

Raina Rahul Agarwal 3 May, 2023 Education No Comments

Multiple Choice Questions The study of general science involves observing, measuring, and experimenting with different aspects of nature to develop theories and models that explain how the world works. it is essential in shaping our understanding of the world and in developing technologies that have…Read more

MCQs Of General Science For All Competitive Exams

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  ¬†General Science: General Science includes some basic subjects in three branches of science: physics, chemistry and biology. In general, this section contains topics on the practical aspects of the common principles of the three subjects. Multiple Choice Questions Que:1 When a particle and an…Read more

Agriculture Microbiology: Multiple Choice Questions

Raina Rahul Agarwal 29 Mar, 2023 ARS NET 2 Comments

Multiple Choice Questions Que: 1 The two steps process in which ammonia is converted to nitrate is: a) Dissimilation b) Assimilation c) Denitrofocation d) Nitrification Que: 2 Symbiotic relationship in which one organism is benefitted and the other remains unaffected a) Protocooperatio b) Antagonism c)…Read more

Practising Of MCQs For ARS NET Exams

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Introduction Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are an important part of the ARS NET Exams. These exams are conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to various postgraduate courses in the field of Agriculture and Allied Sciences. MCQs are designed to test the knowledge…Read more