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Agriculture Microbiology: Multiple Choice Questions

Raina Rahul Agarwal 29 Mar, 2023 ARS NET 2 Comments

Multiple Choice Questions

Que: 1 The two steps process in which ammonia is converted to nitrate is:

a) Dissimilation
b) Assimilation
c) Denitrofocation
d) Nitrification

Que: 2 Symbiotic relationship in which one organism is benefitted and the other remains unaffected

a) Protocooperatio
b) Antagonism
c) Commensalism
d) Mutualism

Que:3 The usual mode of gene transfer in bacteria:

a) Conjugation
b) Transduction
c) Transformation
d) All of the above

Que: 4 Nitrifying bacteria are:

a) Minute
b) Gram-negative
c) Rod-shaped
d) All of the above

Que: 5 Single super phosphates (SSP) were first manufactured by?

a) A.B Frank
b) Stuart John
c) Lawes J.B
d) All of the above

Que: 6 Pseudomonas is an organism?

a) Eubacteria
b) Archaebacteria
c) Eukaryotic
d) Fungi

Que: 7 In general, an ideal antimicrobial chemical agent has a spectrum of activity:

a) Narrow
b) Limited
c) Broad
d) None

Que: 8 In leghaemoglobin the heme portion is specified by:

a) Bacterial genes
b) Plant genes
c) Both
d) None of these

Que: 9 Species of mycoplasma are inhibited by:

a) Tetramycin
b) Penicillin
c) None
d) Both

Que: 10 Braun’s lipoprotein is present in

a) Gram-ve
b) Gram +ve
c) Bacteriophage
d) Yeast

Que: 11 Soil microorganisms are most active at:

a) 15-20C
b) 20-25 C
c) 34-36 C
d) 40-50 C

Que: 12 First antifungal antibiotic is:

a) Neomycin
b) Aureofungin
c) Nystatin
d) Cycloheximide

Que: 13 A process by which heavy metals are degraded using native microflora:

a) Bioremediation
b) Phytoremediation
c) Vitrification
d) Microbial Cleansing

Que: 14 Ergot of rye caused by:

a) Claviceps
b) Ustilago
c) Staphylococcus
d) Clostridium

Que: 15 The nitrogenase consist of:

a) Dinitrigenase
b) Dinitrogenase reductase
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of these

Que: 16 Which of the following fungi infecting crop roots can improve their uptake of phosphorus and other nutrients?

a) Candida Torulopsis
b) aspergillus Niger
c) VA Mycorrhiza
d) Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Que: 17 Actinomycetes are:

a) Gram-negative, anaerobic
b) Gram-positive, aerobic
c) Gram-negative, aerobic
d) Gram-positive, anaerobic

Que: 18 Major useful products obtained from microbe:

a) Single Cell Protein
b) Vitamin
c) Antibiotic
d) All of the above

Que: 19 The principle light-trapping pigment cyanobacteria is:

a) Chlorophyll a
b) Chlorophyll b
c) Rhodopsin
d) Porphyrin

Que: 20 An organism that is osmophilic and has specific requirements for sodium chloride resembles:

a) Halophiles
b) Basophile
c) Barophile
d) Xerophile

Que: 21 The antiseptic method was first demonstrated by:

a) Edward Jenner
b) Beijerinck
c) Lord Lister
d) Lwanoski

Que: 22 The phenomenon of commensalism refers to a relationship between organisms in which:

a) One species of pair benefits
b) One species of a pair is more benefitted
c) Both the species of the pair benefit
d) None of the above

Que: 23The order of stain in the Gram-staining procedure is:

a) Alcohol, Crystal violet, Iodine solution, Saffranine
b) Idoine Solution, Crystal violet, Saffranine, Alcohol
c) Crystal Violet, Iodine Solution, Alcohol, Saffranine
d) All of the above

Que: 24 Heterocyst contains enzyme:

a) Pectinase
b) Cellulase
c) Nitrogenase
d) Phosphorylase

Que: 25 Biofertilizers include”

a) A quick-growing crop ploughed back
b) BGA/Anaebena and Azolla
c) Cow dung manure and farmyard wastes
d) All of the above

Que:26 Which of the following is an entomopathogenic microorganism?

a) Bacillus Cereus
b) Bacillus thuringiensis
c) Both A and B 
d) None of the above

Que: 27 Factor which does not affect legume root modulation?

a) Light
b) Temperature
c) Combined N2
d) H+ ion cones

Que: 28 The biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) test is an indirect measure of

a) Organic matter that can be oxidized by the aerobic microbes
b) Organic matter that can be oxidized by the anaerobic microbes
c) Inorganic matter that can be oxidized by aerobic microbes
d) Inorganic matter that can be oxidized by anaerobic matter

Que: 29 First electron microscope was made by:

a) Ernest Abbe
b) Knoll and Ruska
c) Antony Von Leuwenhock
d) Robert Koch

Que: 30 In the process of nitrogen fixation which type of microorganism is involved?

a) Symbiotic microorganisms only
b) Non Symbiotic microorganisms only
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

Disclaimer: All the content of this MCQ is for the aspirants for ARS NET exams.












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