Health Benefits Of Rajma (Kidney beans)

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Health benefits of Rajma

Introduction Rajma is also known as red kidney beans due to its unique shape. It is a popular legume that is widely consumed in India and other parts of the world. It is a rich source of dietary fibre, protein, and other essential nutrients. Recent…Read more

Tips and Habit for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Healthy Lifestyle

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is important for our physical and mental well-being. But it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you get started. We’ll cover everything from nutrition and exercise…Read more

Risk Effects Of Carbonated Drinks

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Carbonated Drinks

“Stay Healthy, Avoid the Risk Effects of Carbonated Drinks!” Introduction Carbonated drinks are a popular beverage choice for many people, but they can have some serious health risks associated with them. Carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide, which can cause bloating, gas, and other digestive issues….Read more

Obesity May Exacerbate Breast Cancer Risk In Women

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Breast Cancer

Introduction Obesity is a major public health concern that has been linked to a variety of health problems, including an increased risk of breast cancer in women. Studies have shown that obesity can increase the risk of breast cancer in women and that the risk…Read more

Effect Of Alcohol On Human Body

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Introduction Alcohol can affect the human body in many ways. It depends on the consumption of alcohol by a human. If a men or women take one drink every day then it’s ok. If they take too much alcohol it may lead to originate several…Read more

Absorption of vitamin D from sunlight

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Vitamin D

Table of Contents Introduction How to Maximize Vitamin D Absorption from Sunlight The Benefits of Vitamin D Absorption from Sunlight How Much Vitamin D Can You Absorb from Sunlight? The Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency from Lack of Sunlight Conclusion “Soak up the Sun for…Read more

Air Pollution: Impact On Respiratory Disease

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Air Pollution

Introduction Air pollution has been a global health threat because millions of deaths occur due to air pollution every year. According to WHO in 2016 4.2 million deaths occurred due to air pollution. Air pollution is emerging as a critical concern in human health because…Read more

Diabetes : Relationship With High Cholesterol

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Diabetes relationship with high cholesterol

Introduction Diabetes is rapidly increasing among people and has been dangerous for developing cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients. An important factor between Diabetes and cardiovascular disease is” Diabetes Dyslipidemia”. Diabetes Dyslipidemia is the major risk factor for cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients. In diabetic dyslipidemia…Read more

Overhydration: Link Between Blood Pressure

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Introduction Water is essential for our life, it is an important liquid for our survival. Water is a substance that only provides benefits to our body because it is sugar-free and calorie-free so it provides a range of benefits to our body. We all need…Read more

Calcium: Role Of Calcium In Human Body

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Introduction Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the human body. It plays a vital role to perform many functions in the body. Calcium is needed to build and maintain strong bones and teeth, the cardiovascular system and nervous system signalling. It also constituents…Read more