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Nathuram Godse: Why killed Mahatma Gandhi?

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In Indian history, we rarely light upon the story of a person, whose family faced abuses and humiliation for no reason other than the excessive love towards his motherland. This person is Nathuram Vinayakrao Godse, India’s most hateful criminal.

Who Was Nathuram Godse?

Nathurm Godse

Nathuram Vinayak Godse was a right-wing political activist who was an advocate by profession. He believed in Hindu nationalism. He was a disciple of Savarkar. Nathuram was born in Baramati, Pune in a Konkani Brahmin family. When he was born he was brought up like a girl in the family. In the first few years of his life, Nathuram’s parents made him wear a nose ring.

Nathuram had dropped high school and joined the freedom struggle. Godse along with his brother became members of “Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)”. He later become the editor of a Marathi daily called “Agrani Hindu Rashtra”. He was a prolific writer. Agrani was the newspaper in which he wrote his thoughts and articles. He got them published.

Later he founded a separate organization called ” Hindu Rashtriya Dal”. During his early life, he had immense respect for Gandhi Ji. He supported his civil disobedience movement and participated in it. Later he resisted Gandhi Ji’s philosophy.

Why Nathuram Godse Assassinated Gandhi

On 30 January 1948 Godse killed Gandhi during evening prayer at Birla House in Delhi. He shoot him in his chest three times.

Gandhi Divided Nation

Godse believed that Gandhi divided the nation into two parts. He said Gandhi wanted to be a good person for both sides. There could be no halfway house for Gandhi. Godse was a passionate lover of the country. Due to the diplomatic nature of Gandhi, he took action against him.

Gandhi May Be Saint, Not A Politician

When he came to know despite the Kashmir trouble Jinnah gave permission to Gandhi for Pakistan’s visit, he got disturbed. He thought all these happened due to the kind behavior of Gandhi towards Muslims. He also thought Gandhi does not care about Hindu’s feelings.

Against Gandhi’s Politics

Mahatma Gandhi argued reversed his decision for not paying 55 crores to Pakistan despite giving their words. He even undertook “Fasting to death” for this cause. Godse thought Gandhi was fasting for the Muslims. Later he took dastardly action of the assassination of Gandhi.

Godse was arrested and put on trial. His trial took place on November 8, 1949, at the Punjab high court in Perfecter Shimla. On November 15, 1949, he was hanged at Ambala jail.

Frequently Asked Question

Question- Who was Nathuram Vinayak Godse?
Answer- Nathuram Godse was a nationalist who assassinated Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi.

Question- When Mahatma Gandhi died and where?
Answer- Mahatma Gandhi died on 30 January 1948 at Birla house in Delhi.

Question- Why Nathuram Godse killed Gandhi?
Answer- Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi because he thought Gandhi divided the nation, he was against Gandhi’s politics, Godse was upset kind behavior of Gandhi towards Muslims.


Godse referred to Gandhi Ji as the Father Of Pakistan in a speech that he delivered during the assassination. This speech was later published as a book titled ” Why I Killed Gandhi”.


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