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MCQs Of General Science For All Competitive Exams

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Multiple Choice Questions

 General Science:

General Science includes some basic subjects in three branches of science: physics, chemistry and biology. In general, this section contains topics on the practical aspects of the common principles of the three subjects.

Multiple Choice Questions

Que:1 When a particle and an antiparticle come in contact with each other, they

a) They repel each other
b) annihilate each other
c) go undisturbed
d) spin about a common axis

Que:2 Which of the following drugs cause extrapyramidal symptoms as a side effect?

a) anti-depressant drugs
b) Anti-Anxiety drugs
c) Mood stabilizer drugs
d) anti-psychotic drugs

Que:3 Vitamin C deficiency occurs due to:

a) Berry-Berry
b) Rickets
c) Scurvy
d) Night blindness

Que:4 Which of the following is correct about magnetic lines?

a) Magnetic field lines are closed curves
b) Degree of the closeness of the field lines shows the strength of the magnetic field
c) Both a and b
d) None of the above

Que: 5 Sucrose contains:

a) Glucose and fructose
b) Fructose and galactose
c) Glucose, Fructose and Galactose
d) Glucose and Galactose

Que:6 How much work will be done to lift a 1 kg volume to 9.8 m height?

a) (9.8)2 J
b) 9.8 J
c) 1J
d) 1/9.8 J

Que:7 Water percentage in plasma is:

a) 60%
b) 80%
c) 70%
d) 90%

Que:8 The hard part of a stem of a plant is because of:

a) Xylem
b) Phloem
c) Sclerenchyma
d) Stomata

Que: 9 Genetic modification(GM) technique RIDL was in news.RIDL is being developed for combating which of the following disease?

a) Malaria
b) Cancer
d) Swine Flu

Que:10 Which of the following is not a member of the Vitamin B complex?

a) Riboflavin
b) Folic Acid
c) Ascorbic Acid
d) Thiamine

Que: 11 Which blood vessels have the smallest diameter?

a) Venues
b) Lymphatic
c) Capillaries
d) Arterioles

Que: 12 Which of the following is called scavengers of the ecosystem?

a) Fungi & Bacteria
b) Bacteria
c) Algae, Fungi & Bacteria
d) None of the above

Que: 13 Which of the following is an air-borne disease?

a) Pink eye
b) Typhoid
c) Measles
d) None of the above

Que:14 Which of the following hormones is a steroid?

a) Insulin
b) Oxytocin
c) Glucagon
d) Estrogen

Que: 15 Which of the following does not change when sound travels from one medium to another?

a) Velocity
b) Frequency
c) Wavelength
d) All of these

Que:16 The normal temperature of the human body is:

a) 367 K
b) 98C
c) 37 C
d) None of the above

Que:17 Which organ of the body produces the fluid known as bile:

a) Pancrease
b) Gall bladder
c) Kidney
d) Liver

Que: 18 Where does the formation of urea take place in our body?

a) Kidney
b) Liver
c) Pancrease
d) Lungs

Que:19 Quinine is obtained from which part of the plant?

a) Roots
b) Stem Bark
c) Leaves
d) Fruit

Que: 20 Which of the following processes in the bodies of living organisms is a digestive process?

a) Breakdown of glucose into Co2 and H2O.
b) Conversion of glucose into glycogen
c) Conversion of amino acid into proteins
d) Breakdown of proteins into amino acids

Que: 21 The centripetal force and centrifugal force are”

a) Unequal in magnitude and have the same direction
b) Equal in magnitude and have opposite direction
c) Unequal in magnitude and have opposite direction
d) Equal in magnitude and same direction

Que:22 What is the SI unit of viscosity?

a) Newton/m
b) poiseiulle
c) candela
d) No units

Que: 23 In the human body, the blood enters the  aorta of the circulatory system from the:

a) Left Ventricle
b) Left Atrium
c) Right Atrium
d) Right Ventricle

Que: 24 What is the Gaussian unit of kinematic viscosity?

a) Watt
b) Henry
c) Stoke
d) poiseiulle

Que: 25 Cell wall is not present in cells of:

a) Plants
b) Bacteria
c) Humans
d) Fungi

Que: 26 Which of these polymers is commonly used in making parachute ropes?

a) Nylon-66
b) Bakelite
c) SBR
d) Neoprene

Que:27 Which of the vegetables have an abundance of vitamins A and C?

a) Potato
b) Lady’s Finger
c) Tomato
d) Brinjal

Que:28 From the point of view of the evolution of living organisms, which one of the following is the correct sequence of evolution?

b) Shark-Otter-Tortoise
d) Tortoise-Shark-Otter

Que:29 Which microorganism causes hepatitis B?

a) Bacteria
b) Protozoa
c) Virus
d) None of the above

Que:30 Which of these is NOT an example of Periodic motion?

a) Rotation of the earth about its polar axis
b) Motion of the minute’s hand of a clock
c) Revolution of the earth around the sun
d) None of the above

Disclaimer: This content is for aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, Railway, SSC etc.


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