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Onam 2021- Festival of Kerala: Date, Time, Wishes, Quotes and Importance

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Onam – The Legend of King Mahabali

Onam is the most respected and celebrated festival in Kerala. It symbolizes the return of King Mahabali once a year and celebrates the Vamana avatar of  Lord Vishnu. This 10-day festival gave the people of Kerala the best festive atmosphere and was celebrated very grandly.

onam 2021,

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Anonymous God feasts like a god in the kingdom of God It is a thrilling time for Kerala with trumpets, drums, elephants, boats, dancing, art, music, flower decorations, lighting, colors, rituals, and delicious Onasadia.

Onasadia, a delicious food

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Sadya is the traditional food of the Kerala festival Onam, Consisting of a variety of traditional vegetarian foods, it is usually served in the banana leaves of Kerala.

How do you serve OnaSadya?
Wash the banana leaves and place them in front of everyone, with the narrow end facing the left. * Serve rice in the sky at the bottom of the leaf. When going to different courses, tap the curries served as needed, and of course, eat more rice as needed.

Ingredients in cooking OnaSadya
1) Sambar.
2) Avial.
3) Moru Curry.
4) Beetroot Pachadi.
5) Ada Pradhaman.

History & Significance of Onam

History of Onam

Photo by Jithin murali from Pexels

According to Indian mythology, the Brahmin saint Prahlada had a grandson named Mahabali, who defeated the gods and conquered three worlds. In the Vishnu sect, the gods asked Sir Vishnu to help him fight against Mahabali, but Vishnu refused to accept Mahabali as a good ruler and believer. After the victory of the Mahabali gods, sacrifices were held. Sir Vishnu took the opportunity to test his dedication to Mahabali and approached Mahabali in the form of a dwarf boy named Vamana.

The king promised the boy as much as he could, but Wamana refused and told him not to ask for more than one thing. He needs three steps. Mahabali was surprised by the boy’s wishes, but he agreed. Vamana grew up with one foot covering the ground and water, and the other covering the sky. Mahabali dedicated the third foot to himself. Wamana trampled Mahabali into the underworld (hell), but he was happy with her dedication and congratulated her on coming to his land every year. Remember, Mahabali is an Onam festival.

When is Onam 2021?

In Kerela, Onam’s celebration lasts more than 10 days and there are many celebrations. Most Hindus observe it in a purely traditional way. The first 10 days of Onam are the most important, starting with Atham & ends with Thiruvonam Onam

The First Onam was celebrated on Friday, August 20th, and Thiruvonam 2021 was celebrated on Saturday, August 21st. The third and fourth Onam was Sunday, August 22nd, and will be on Monday, August 23rd.

Onam 2021 Wishes

“Unity, homecoming, celebrations, and fun festivals. This is Onam’s wish for everyone. Happy Onam 2021”

“There are also tapestries, boats, food, and celebrations. May this Onam bring you all happiness. Happy Onam, everyone.”

“ओणम की भावना हर जगह हो। कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता कि आप क्या करते हैं, आप क्या सोचते हैं, जीवन में आपकी क्या आशा है। 2021 आपके और आपके परिवार के लिए मंगलमय हो।”

“May the beautiful Onam Festival bring more happiness to your life. We wish you good luck.”

Final Words!

Onam festival is an opportunity to remember the essence of people who permeate all gods. Best wishes to all family members, especially Happy Onam and Tiruonam.

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