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Rakshabandhan Festival 2021:Date, History And Significant of The Day

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Rakshabandhan Sunday 22, August 2021:

Raksha Bandhan, India 2021: A festival to celebrate the relationship between brothers and sisters will be held on August 22nd this year

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Raksha Bandhan, which literally means “safety” and “bond,” celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. Observed on the full moon day of Shraavana or Purnima in the Hindu month, it will be August 22nd of this year. On this day, each sister ties a thread around her brother’s wrist, symbolizing unconditional trust in him and a prayer for his longevity. In return, her brother promised to make her happy forever and protect her from all troubles throughout her life.

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Raksha Bandhan 2021 Timing

Raksha Bandhan is also known as Raki because in many parts of India sisters tie decorative threads to their brothers’ wrists. You can celebrate the day, but there is a certain time to complete this ancient Raki ceremony.

According to Hindu Banchan, the 2021 Raksha Bandhan Purnimatity begins at 7 pm on August 21st and ends at 5:31 pm on August 22nd.

However, the auspicious time to connect the Rockies begins at 6:15 am on August 22nd and continues until 5:31 pm that evening.

The Bhadra period, which usually occurs in the first half of Prunima’s day, should be avoided.

Bhadra Panchang – 2:19 am to 3:27 am

Bhadra Muhurta – 3:27 am to 5:19 am

Bhadra Ends – 6:15 am.

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History of Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan originated from a popular event described in the epic “Maha Bharata”. Once, Lord Krishna was flying a kite and cut one of his fingers with a thread. Then Draupadi tore a piece from her saree and tied it to Krishna’s finger to stop the bleeding. Krishna was moved by this move and assured her that he would protect her from all evil for life. These days, when the sisters tie rakhi, the brothers give them gifts and sweets. Beets cook at home, and the whole family puts on new clothes.

The Purnimatity of the month of Sravana (full moon day) is very important in the Hindu calendar. It represents the festival of Raksha Bandhan, an ancient tradition that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. On this day, brothers and sisters get together, perform ceremonies, enjoy feasts, exchange gifts, and remember their childhood. Most importantly, the sisters will tie a sacred thread called a rocky to their brother’s right wrist. The celebration brings joy to all who are enthusiastic about this day.

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Importance of Raksha Festival

As you know, brothers and sisters have a special place in our hearts. However, the special bond between brothers and sisters is very unique. Their interest in each other is endless. The love they share is unparalleled.

No matter how they fight, they always stand behind them to help. The brothers and sisters quarreled with each other for trivial matters. In other words, they share a bond full of teasing and love.

Brothers and sisters help us grow. At every stage of our lives, the connections between them become stronger. They are on the same ship. Brothers protect their sisters very well. Similarly, my sister is very worried about her brother. Young children respect their brothers and sisters.

Raksha Bandhan celebrates this connection. It symbolizes a unique and special relationship shared by the two. This day is considered to be a day of fun and concentration on this beautiful bond. It symbolizes their love, unity, and trust in each other.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Why celebrate the Raksha Festival?

Celebrating Raksha Festival is to celebrate the love bond between brothers and sisters. In addition, it marks the uniqueness of this bond and gives them a day to celebrate their love and trust in each other.

2. How is the Raksha Festival celebrated?

  • On this day, her sister tied a holy thread to her brother’s wrist, placed a tilak on her forehead, and played Aarti
  • Her brother promises to protect her from all difficulties, supports her in her most disadvantaged situations, and her sister wishes him her happiness, health, and success.
  • Her sister brought delicious treats and sweets to her brother, who gave her sister a lot of gifts and money.
  • Rocky is a symbol of love, happiness, joy, unity, and tradition.
  • The importance and importance of Raksha Bandhan in Indian culture is of utmost importance, which is why it is enthusiastically celebrated in every corner of India.

3. Why did the sisters tie a rakhi?

Raki has a prayer for longevity, prosperity, and happiness. For their happiness and longevity, sisters associate Raki with their brothers. They prayed to their brothers a promise to protect them from all difficulties, sorrows, and negative effects throughout their lives by tying the lines of love.

4. when we should remove rakhi?

According to Hindu tradition, the rocky can be removed eight days after the opportunity of Krishna Janmashtami, the rakhi bandana. In Maharashtra tradition, Raksha was taken from Laksha Bandhan on the 15th day of the Bora Festival. On this day, people worshiped the god Marbot Dev and threw Raki at Thoran to take him away. However, siblings can wear as many Rockies as they like. The only thing to remember is to handle the rocky carefully if it is torn or damaged.

5. What should we do on Rakhi?

During the Raksha Bandhan Festival, families tend to get up early, take a shower, and put on new clothes. Next, the brothers and sisters need to perform the Rakhi ceremony in Rakhi Shubh muhrat. In order to perform the Rakhi ritual, the sisters need to light Diya and prepare Rakhi thali or Aarti. Next, you need to tie a stone on your brother’s wrist and apply tilak to your forehead. Then the sisters feed their brother candies. In return, the brothers gave gifts to sisters Rakhi.

6. Is Rakhi only related to his family?

No, Rakhi can connect with a brother or someone you consider to be a brother. You can connect Rakhi with your neighbor, friend, or sister-in-law. Today, people also connect Rakhi with police, priests, and the people they admire. For a long time, people have become accustomed to connecting with the idols of God and praying for the well-being and prosperity of their families.

7. Which hand should Rakhi be tied to?

Rakhi must be tied to his brother’s right wrist. If you tie Rakhi to your sister-in-law or sister, Raki must be tied to their left wrist.

8. Which god does Raksha Bandhan worship?

On Rakhi,  Indra and Varuna gods are worshiped on the rocky. People can also worship the gods they believe in.

9. How to safely handle Raksha after Raksha Bandhan?

Don’t throw the rocky anywhere. Rakhi should be dumped in a sacred river, lake, or pond because it is a sacred thread. If you don’t have a terrible river or pond nearby, you’ll need to handle the rocky underground.

10. Can be tied Rakhi to their sister?

Yes, you can also connect Raki and your sister. Raki’s ritual is not limited to gender. It can be linked to their sister-in-law through brothers or sisters. The rock that the sisters tied to their sister-in-law’s bracelet is unique and unique.

11. Do the sisters tie Raki together?

The love between brothers and sisters is irreplaceable. at this time, my sister tied a rocky to her brother’s wrist. This rocky is a sacred thread, symbolizing her desire for his prosperity and happiness.


Raksha Bandhan 2021 showed great love among his brothers and sisters. This is a celebration of pure love and communication. I like to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. I’m looking forward to this year as it is my favorite festival.


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