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Raina Rahul Agarwal 8 Nov, 2023 Pet Care No Comments

Pet has always played an important role in human life. From dogs to cats and other domestic animals such as birds and fish, pets are a common feature of human life around the world. In fact, the global pet market is estimated to be worth approximately 179.4 billion annually. This is an industry that has grown significantly over the past few decades.

However, there are still many problems related to pets in today’s world. In fact, owing a pet often leads to decreased interest, increased stress and financial worries. many companies are leveraging the power of technology to solve these problems. The bond between human and their pets has always been a cherished one. But in recent years, this relationship has undergone a significant transformation, thanks to the digital revolution in pet care. Today, technology is changing the way we care for, connect with, and understand our pets, ushering in a new era of pet parenting.

  1. Smart feeding solution: Gone are the days of sticking to rigid feeding schedules or worrying about your pet’s diet. Smart pet feeders have made it easier than ever to ensure your pet is well-fed and on a consistent schedule. These automated devices can be controlled remotely via smartphone apps, allowing you to dispense food at specific times, monitor your pet’s eating habits and receive alerts for low food levels.
  2. Pet Health Monitoring: Wearable technology has been extended to our four-legged friends. Pet fitness trackers and health monitors are now available to keep a close watch on your pet’s well-being. These devices track their activity levels, and calories burned, and even monitor their sleep patterns. Such data helps you ensure your pet gets enough exercise and can alert you to any unusual behaviour that might indicate health issues.
  3. Telemedicine For Pets: Just as telemedicine has become a game-changer in human healthcare it’s revolutionizing veterinary care. Pet owners can now video consultations with veterinarians, making it easier to address concerns, receive advice, and even obtain prescriptions for their pets, all from the comfort of their homes.
  4. Social Networking For Pet Lovers: In the Digital Age, pet owners have found a virtual community of like-minded individuals. Pet-centric social networks and apps have emerged, connecting pet lovers worldwide. These platforms allow pet owners to share stories, exchange advice, and even set up playdates for their pets, creating a sense of community in the digital space.
  5. Smart Litter Boxes: For Cat owners, the daily chore of cleaning the litter box can be a nuisance. Smart little boxes now automate this process, sifting and disposing of waste, leaving the box clean and odour-free. Controlled through mobile apps, they maintain your cat’s hygiene more convenient than ever.
  6. Pet Training Apps: Training pets can be a challenge, but technology is coming to the rescue. Various apps offer training tips, tutorial, and even virtual training sessions. These apps provide valuable resources and guidance to help you to teach your pets new trick or address behavioral issues.

Raina Rahul Agarwal

A Non-Medical Scientist, BSL-2 Lab, Mirzapur

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