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Cop 26: What Is COP 26 & Why Is It Important?

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What Is COP?

COP stands for Conference Of The Parties. COP is the meeting of the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC) parties. Since 1995, the UN has held an annual Cop under its climate change convention.COP is the governing body of international convention. It is the annual summit under the UN climate change conference. It is the supreme decision-making body of the Convention. Followers for nearly three decades, the government of the world have come together each year to forge a global response to the climate emergency. Under the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change of 1992, every country on the planet is required to avoid risky climate change and find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions around the world.

Why Is It COP 26

COP 26 meeting is 26 meeting in 2021 so it is named COP 26. COP 26 is the global United Nations Summit about climate change and how the countries are planning to tackle it. More than 200 world leaders were scheduled to attend Glasgow in Scotland in November last year, but it was delayed a year due to the covid pandemic situation.

COP 26 was held in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November and the decision has been taken in the meeting can change our daily lives.

Which Leaders & Guest Attended COP 26

About 120 heads of state and government had attended the summit of world leaders at the start of the COP 26 discussion. US President Joe Biden, climate activist Greta Thunberg and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are some of the high-profile participants. Prince Charles had attended the inaugural address on the occasion of the opening of the conference during a reception on Monday evening at COP 21.

The Duke and Duchess were present, while the Queen was advised to stay at Windsor Castle and rest after an overnight stay at the hospital.

 Agenda Of COP 26

COP 26 meeting

COP 26 is being touted as the most important international climate meeting since 2015 in Paris. This has been described as the last best opportunity to reach the 1.5 C target, and for the first time since the agreement was signed, the country’s leader had been expected to commit to enhanced ambitions.

The action already promised by the nation to curb emissions over the next decades keep the world out of the way to limit global warming to 1.5 C over pre-industrial times, beyond which increasingly serious consequences had been left.

The UN warns that the latest national action plan to tackle emissions by 2030 puts the world on a path of rising temperature by 2.7 C.

Why do we need COP?

  • The world is getting warmer due to the emission of fossil fuels by humans. Sea levels of the planet are rising and icecaps (area covered with ice) are melting. We are witnessing more and more serious incidents of heat,  floods and forest fires. The effect of these natural phenomena has been exacerbated.
  • People in poorer developing countries are less polluting and are not responsible for most of the past emissions but feel some of the bad effects of climate change.
  • They need money to reduce their emission and to cope with climate change. This means, for example, that countries that rely on coal and flood protection systems for energy may have more solar panels.
  • Other confirmed guest was Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and French President Emmanuel Macron. The presence of Sir David Attenborough had also been confirmed.


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