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MCQs For All Competitive Exams-Human Disease

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Multiple Choice Questions

Human Disease & Their Causes:

A disease is a disorder that is caused by due to abnormal changes in the structure or function of an organ. An illness is a state in a person that is identified by themselves based on physical or mental symptoms.

Que: 1 ………………… called the father of medicine.

a) Darwin
b) Heckle
c) Edward Jenner
d) Hippocrates

Que: 2 The disease-causing organism in humans is called:

a) Vector
b) Pathogen
c) Bacterium
d) Virus

Que: 3 Which of the following is an infectious disease?

a) Diabetes
b) Diptheria
c) Arthritis
d) Cancer

Que: 4 Irrational fear of disease is called:

a) Hydrophobia
b) Pathophobia
c) Aerophobia
d) Haemophobia

Que: 5 Study of the cause of the disease is called:

a) Ecology
b) Exobiology
c) Aerology
d) Etiology

Que:6 Which of the following is a toxic substance?

a) Sporozoite
b) Hemozoin
c) Haemoglobin
d) Thrombin

Que: 7 Malaria is spread by the bite of………..mosquito:

a) Dengue
b) Anopheles
c) Culex
d) Aedes

Que: 8 The pair of diseases caused by bacteria is:

a) Cholera and Typhoid
b) Cholera and TB
c) Diptheria and Chicken Pox
d) TB and Chicken Pox

Que:9 A sexually transmitted bacterial disease is:

b) Syphilis
c) Herpes
d) Hepatitis

Que: 10 Health hazard floods are responsible for the spread of:

a) Malaria
b) Cholera
c) Influenza
d) Diarrhoea

Que: 11 AIDS is due to:

a) Reduction in the number of helper T-cells
b) Reduction in the number of killer TR-Cells
c) Autoimmunity
d) Non-production of interferons

Que:12 Malaria parasite completes its life cycle in:

a) Mosquito
b) Human
c) Both above
d) Elephant

Que: 13 Select the viral disease:

a) Diabetes
b) Tetanus
c) Leprosy
d) Poliomyelitis

Que: 14 Who discovered the malaria parasite:

a) Ronal Ross
b) Laveran
c) Leuvehock
d) Luis Pasture

Que: 15 The pathogen of typhoid is directly transmitted through:

a) Urine
b) Water
c) Blood
d) Cerebrospinal

Que:16 Which of the following specimen is tested the most for the detection of the carrier of typhoid:

a) Urine
b) Blood
c) Faeces
d) Sputum

Que: 17 Scurvy disease is caused by the deficiency of :

a) B Complex
b) Vitamin C
c) Vitamin D
d) Vitamin K

Que: 18 Malaria parasites attack:

a) RBCs
b) WBCs
c) Platelets
d) None of these

Que: 19 A deficiency of ……………….is a disease of rickets:

a) Vitamin C
b) Vitamin A
c) Vitamin B
d) Vitamin D

Que: 20 AIDS virus spreads in the body through:

a) Suppressor T-Cells
b) Carrier T – Cells
c) Helper T-Cells
d) Killer T-Cells

Que: 21 TAB Vaccine is useful against:

a) Polio
b) Diptheria
c) Pertussis
d) Typhoid

Que: 22 The cells which act as a parasite in the body:

a) Schwann Cells
b) Hepatocytes
c) kupffer’s Cells
d) Cancer Cells

Que:23 The deficiency of which nutrient causes night blindness:

a) Vitamin K
b) Vitamin C
c) Proteins
d) Vitamin A

Que: 24 The Bacille Calmette-Guerin vaccine (Popularly called BCG Vaccine) is a vaccine to prevent which of the following disease:

a) Jaundice
b) Typhoid
c) Tuberculosis
d) Polio

Que: 25 Which of the following is not a water-borne disease?

a) Typhoid
b) Mumps
c) Polio
d) Cholera

Que: 26  Which one of the following diseases is communicable:

a) Rickets
b) Amoebiasis
c) Diabetes
d) Cancer

Que: 27 Which parts of the human body get affected by the illness osteoporosis:

a) Bones
b) Brain
c) Lungs
d) Kidney

Que: 28 Hypokalaemia is caused by the deficiency of:

a) Iodine
b) Potassium
c) Calcium
d) Iron

Que: 29 Infectious stage of the malaria parasite is:

a) Trophozoite
b) Sporozoite
c) Tetranucleate Cyst
d) None

Que: 30 Identify the disease caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B1:

a) Ariboflavinosis
b) Rickets
c) Beriberi
d) Glossiti

Disclaimer: All the MCQs are related to aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams like Railway, SSC, RRB etc.


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