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MCQs For Physics- Competitive Exams

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Multiple Choice Questions

  1. For which diode is used?
    a) Modulation
    b) Oscillation
    c) Amplification
    d) Purification
    Ans: d
  2. Who among the following developed the technology of underground nuclear explosion?
    a) Dr Homi J.Bhabha
    b) Dr Vikram Sarabhai
    c) Dr Raja Ramanna
    d) Dr P.K.Iyengar
    Ans: a
  3. Which among the following types of coal produces most heat per unit?
    a) Coal
    b) Lignite
    c) Anthracite
    d) Pit
    Ans: c
  4. Which among the following waves is used for communication by artificial satellites?
    a) Microwaves
    b) Radiowaves
    c) A.M.
    d) Frequency of 1016 series
    Ans: a
  5. What is found in frequency modulation?
    a) Fixed frequency
    b) Fixed dimension
    c) Change in frequency and dimension
    d) Change in dimension only
    Ans: a
  6. When the speed of the car is doubled, then what will be the breaking force of the car to stop it at the same distance?
    a) Four times
    b) two times
    c) half
    d) one-fourth
    Ans: a
  7. The dimension of which of the following is the same as that of impulse?
    a) Volume
    b) Momentum
    c) Torque
    d) Change in the rate of momentum
    Ans: b
  8. Which among the following is the fundamental quantity?
    a) Volume
    b) Time
    c) Velocity
    d) Force
    Ans: b
  9. When a ring of metal is heated what happens to its hole?
    a) Expands
    b) Contracts
    c) It expands or contracts according to its diameter
    d) It expands or contracts according to its coefficient of expansion.
    Ans: a
  10. If the diameter of a capillary is doubled, then the rise of water in it will be
    a) two times
    b) half
    c) four times
    d) no change
    Ans: b
  11. Why does the needle of an iron swim on the water’s surface when is it kept gently?
    a) It will remain under the water when it will displace more water than its weight
    b) the density of the needle  is less than that of the water
    c) due to surface tension
    d) due to its shape
    Ans: c
  12. The mass of a star is two times the mass of the Sun. How it will come to an end?
    a) Neutron Star
    b)Black hole
    c) White dwarf
    d) Red Giant
    Ans: a
  13. A dynamo is used to convert………..
    a) Mechanical energy into chemical energy
    b) Electrical energy into chemical energy
    c) Potential energy into electrical energy
    d) Kinetic energy into Potential energy
    Ans: a
  14. “Fibre optic cable” used in communication, works on the principle of…….
    a) Total internal reflection of light
    b) Reflection of light
    c) Dispersion of light
    d) Scattering of light
    Ans: a
  15. The energy stored in a watch spring is:
    a) Kinetic Energy
    b) Potential Energy
    c) Chemical Energy
    d) Heat Energy
    Ans: b
  16. Which of the following produces more severe burns?
    a) Hot Water
    b) Steam
    c) Boiling water
    d) Melting iceberg
    Ans: b
  17. An oil drop spreads over:
    a) Oil is lighter than water
    b) Oil is more viscous
    c) Oil does not mix with water
    d) Surface tension of oil is much smaller than that of water.
    Ans: d
  18. Which of the following laws validates the statement that matters can neither be created nor destroyed?
    a) Law of conservation of energy
    b) Le Chatelier’s Principle
    c) Law of conservation of mass
    d) Law of osmosis
    Ans: c
  19. Which of the following instrument is used to measure humidity?
    a) Kata Thermometer
    b) Anemometer
    c) Sling Psychrometer
    d) Clinical Thermometer
    Ans: c
  20. The energy that is produced commercially from coal is called?
    a) Light Energy
    b) Kinetic Energy
    c) Thermal Energy
    d) Potential Energy
    Ans: c


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