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Multiple Choice Questions- Biology

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Multiple Choice Questions

Que: 1 Branch of biology which deals with the study of hereditary and variation

a) Histology
c) Cytology
d) Evolution

Que:2 How many chambers in fish heat are:

a) Only One
b) Only two
c) Only three
d) Some have two while some have four

Que:3 Which is the largest cell organ present in the cell?

a) Nucleus
b) Golgi Apparatus
c) Mitochondria
d) Endosperm

Que:4 What is the study of birds called?

a) Agrostology
b) Ophiology
c) Serpentology
d) Ornithology

Que:5 Which amino acid contains sulphur?

a) Lysine
b) Tryptophan
c) Pyrrole
d) Cysteine

Que:6 Five kingdom classification was given by:

a) Haeckel
b) Linnaeus
c) Copeland
d) Whittaker

Que: 7 Which of the following disease is caused by various pathogenic organisms?

a) Deficiency disease
b) Infectious diseases
c) Degenerative disease
d) Hereditary disease

Que:8 How many eyes does an earthworm have:

a) One
b) Two
c) Very
d) No eyes

Que:9 Red rot of sugar cane is caused by:

a) Cerospora personata
b) Alternaria alternata
c) Phytophthora infestans
d) Colletotrichum falcatum

Que:10  Saliva contains an enzyme that acts upon which of the following nutrients?

a) Fats
b) Protein
c) Starch
d) Minerals

Que: 11 Which one among the following structures of cells is not present in connective tissues?

a) Axon
b) Lymphocytes
c) Collagen
d) Chondrocytes

Que: 11 AIDS, common cold, dengue fever and influenza are an example of:

a) Virus
b) Bacteria
c) Protozoa
d) Fungus

Que: 12 Which diagnostic scan gives some of the highest radiation does in diagnostic radiography?

a) CT scan
b) Ultrasound
c) MRI
d) X-ray

Que: 13 Leaves are attached to the stem at:

a) Node
b) Internode
c) Apical meristem
d) Axillary meristem

Que: 14 In which of the following Rhizoides are present?

a) Gymnosperm
b) Bryophytes
c) Angiosperm
d) Pteridophytes

Que:15 Name the vitamin that protects us from keratomalacia.

a) Vitamin B7
b) Vitamin A
c) Vitamin B5
d) None of the above

Que: 16 Carbohydrates are also known as:

a) Carbonates
b) Glycolipids
c) Polysaccharides
d) Hydrates of carbon

Que: 17 A flower bud which is used as a spice is:

a) Clove
b) Cardamom
c) Coriander
d) Cinnamon

Que:18 IR- 20 is a high yielding variety of:

a) Rice
b) Cotton
c) Wheat
d) Sugarcane

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