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National Energy Conservation Day

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Energy Conservation


As the world population grows so does the need for energy. But as the need for energy increases, so does the fear of losing all energy resources. Therefore we need to pay special attention to energy conservation or develop other resources to replace it because if we do not succeed in our endeavours during this period, the whole human country may be in danger.

Every year on 14 December, Indian across the country celebrate National Energy Conservation Day. In 2001 Bureau of Energy Efficiency Of India (BEE) enacted the Energy Conservation Act. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a constitutional body of the Government of India that helps in formulating energy-saving policies and programs.

What Is Bureau Of Energy Efficiency

BEE is an agency established in March 2002 and has been operating under the jurisdiction of the Government of India since the enactment of the Energy Conservation Act in India in 2001. BEE formulates policies related to energy conservation and works to make the general public aware of the same problem. The Energy Conservation Act 2001 came into existence to monitor and measure energy efficiency in the private and public sectors at all levels.

Many ministers and organizations have used social media to raise awareness about energy efficiency and conservation in an age when climate change is as real as Covid-19. Netizens also joined the trend and widely shared the message of sustainability.

What Is Energy Conservation?

In India, National Energy Conservation Day is observed to raise awareness about the significance of energy and the need of saving or conserve energy by using less energy. The most precise method of energy conservation is to utilize less energy by minimising energy waste. To store energy for future use, it is critical to use it effectively. To have a great impact on energy conservation should be ingrained in every human being’s behaviour.

Objectives Of National Energy Conservation Day

Every year National Energy Conservation Day is celebrated across the country with specific themes and goals and objectives to make energy conservation more successful. The following are some of the most important objectives:

  • It reminds people of the need to save energy in all aspects of life.
  • Organizing various activities across the country such as seminars, conferences, discussions, workshops, competitions, etc to promote the process of energy conservation.
  • Encourage consumers to use less energy regardless of excessive and inefficient use.
  • Encourage individuals to use energy efficiently to reduce consumption and avoid energy loss.

Measures Of Energy Conservation

Every person can save energy by eliminating unnecessary use of fan, light, heater or other electrical instruments used in their daily life. It is the easiest and effective way to save extra energy usage which can be played a major role in Nation Energy Conservation Campaign.

Fossil fuels, crude oil, coal and natural gases etc are generating enough energy to use in daily life, but their demand is increasing day by day, which creates fear of lack of natural resources in the future. Therefore for energy conservation, we should use renewable energy resources instead of the non-renewable resources of energy.

In many countries, government charges energy tax or carbon tax to make energy conservation effective. By this tax imposed on high consumption of energy, use of energy has decreased and increased awareness among users about the limited use of energy.

BEE Organises: National Level Painting Competition, National Energy Conservation Awards, And National Energy Efficiency Innovation Awards

The ministry of Energy is celebrating Energy Conservation Week under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav from 8 December to 14 December 2021. The celebration of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency will include three major initiatives-

  1. The national drawing competition for school children.
  2. The National Energy Conservation Award for the industry.
  3. Establishment (NECA) and the National Energy Efficiency Innovation Awards (NEEIA) for recognizing innovative technological energy efficiency.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is organizing a national level drawing competition on energy conservation for 4th to 10th-grade school children. This year, the theme of the competition is “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Energy Efficient India” and “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Cleaner Planet”.

State-level drawing competitions are being organized in all 36 states and union territories of the country from 1st to 10th December 2021. National Level Drawing Competition will be held on 12th December 2021 in New Delhi. The winners of the national level competition will be awarded prizes on the occasion of National Energy Day on December 14, 2021.

Poster on energy conservation day

The National Energy Conservation Award (NECA) will be given to energy-intensive units in various sectors of the Indian economy for their exceptional performance in reducing specific energy consumption. So NEEIA’s idea is to increase energy efficiency through innovative measures.

The award aims to develop a sense of competition for the development of innovative energy-efficient solutions in industries and their facilities in industry and regions and to ensure the diversification and adaptation of these technologies in other fields.

Schedule Of The National Week Festival:

Virtual Launch of Certificate Course on Home Energy Audit Program-8 December

Webinar on technology transfer for industry decarbonization-9 December

National Workshop on Energy Efficiency in Indian Residential Areas- 10 December

National Workshop on Role of Energy Efficient Tools in Market Transformation -10 December

National Workshop on Energy Efficiency Plans for MSMEs-11 December

Celebration of Amrit Mahotsav for designated customers under PAT Cycle-II-interaction with dignitaries-13 December

The week-long program aims to promote energy conservation in all sectors of the economy followed by National Energy Conservation Day for winners, industrial units and other organizations, New Delhi.




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