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Water: Boost Immune System By drinking Water

Raina Rahul Agarwal 25 Sep, 2021 Health & Fitness 2 Comments
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Water is fundamental to the life of the living organisms on the planet.  Water is vital for all plant, animal, and human life on earth. Drinking water does not just quench your thirst but it is essential to keep our body healthy and function properly. All of the body depends on water to function and survive.


Water is a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid, compound of hydrogen and oxygen, chemical formula H2O, the freezing point is 32° F or o° C, and boiling at 212° F or 100° C. It contains 11.188 % hydrogen and 88.812 % Oxygen.

Properties Of Water

  • Water covers 70 % of the earth and the most common areas are the sea, ocean, lakes, glaciers, ponds.
  • Water occurs in three states- solid (Ice), liquid (Water), and gas (Water Vapour) forms in the atmosphere at normal temperature.
  • The surface tension of water is high, it allows some small insects to walk onto the surface.
  • Water dissolves many substances e.g sugar and salt.

Drinking-Water Boost Our Immune System

Protecting our immune system is very important and it’s our primary responsibility to keep the body strong and healthy. For a healthy body, we should add water-based food to our diets, such as fruits, broths, and other liquids that don’t contain excess sugar and chemicals.

water strong digestive system



Oxygenates blood and flushes toxin

As water carries oxygen into our body hence we drink plenty of water to carry plenty of oxygen. if our body will get plenty of oxygen then the body will function properly. If our muscles and organs will function properly then our immune system functions well.

Drinking water will eliminate the toxin material from our bodies through urine, feces, and sweat. If we don’t drink enough water toxins will build up and it weakens our immune system.

Stomach Acid Kill Microorganism

Our body uses water to make hydrochloric acid and hydrochloric acid as a digestive juice breaks down the food into small particles. Hydrochloric acid eliminates viruses and bacterias in the stomach and protects our body from infection.

Eliminate viruses

Water also helps in eliminating viruses from the respiratory tract into the stomach where they can be neutralized by stomach acid.

Make Mucus

Water makes mucus, this is the slimy sticky liquid lining of sinuses. It contains antibodies and bacteria-killing enzymes to help in the fight against infection. Mucus also works as a barrier to prevent pathogens like dust, smoke, and bacteria to enter the body where they can harm the body. We should always wet our mucus, if mucus will get dry they are unable to cath pathogen before entering into the body, hence we should drink plenty of water.

Water Helps In The Production Of Lymph

Our immune system uses lymph to circulate blood cells and nutrients to all of the body’s tissue. The lymph carries water and nutrients to the blood, to the cell of the body. It carries white blood cells and other immune system cells from the thymus and bone marrow throughout the body.

Water Keeps Eyes And Mouth Clean

Water keeps our eyes and mouth clean, if these will be moist then it will not allow dust and germs to enter into eyes and mouth and will protect us from infection.

Sweat It Out

Sweating is one of the major ways to remove contaminants from the body. It helps flush toxins, wastes, and bacterias from the body. Sweating regulate the body temperature and as a result, the pathogen has never a chance to become a full-blown infection. Sweating during fever brings down off temperature and cools our body.

Absorption Of Essential Nutrient

Water does help to transport essential nutrients dissolved in the water to body cells e.g. Zinc, Vitamins, and other water-soluble nutrients. So we should take a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to absorb nutrients from our food.

Helps In Digestion Of Food

Adequate nutrition makes our immune system strong, drinking plenty of water helps to digest our food and keep us healthy. If we will not have a lot of water constipation can cause. Drinking plenty of water also ensures that our body cells will get adequate nutrition from our blood.

Impacts on the immune system as we age

As we age our immune system gets weak and it leads to the probability of increased infection or disease. Hydration i.e drinking more water reduces body inflammation and tissue damage and it keeps the joints loose and aids in preventing serious injuries. While drinking water does not prevent contracting illness or disease, it does help the body fight against infection so that chances of recovery could be fast.

Frequently asked Question

Question- What causes humans to become thirsty?
When the human body gives off the water the amount of saliva in the mouth will decrease. When our salivary glands give off less saliva, our mouth will become drier. This dryness of the mouth is experienced as thirst.

Question- What are the impurities found in water?
Answer- There are two forms of impurities found in water:

  1. Suspended impurities such as mud, dust, sand, bacteria, and viruses, etc.
  2. Dissolved impurities that are soluble in water such as pesticides, arsenic & fluoride and heavy metals salt like mercury, led, copper, cadmium.

Question- Define water.
Water is a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen the freezing point is 0°C or 32 F and the boiling point is 100 C or 212 F. It contains 11.88 % hydrogen and 88.12 % oxygen.

Question-  What is the chemical formula of water?
Answer- Chemical formula of water is H2O.


Keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well-being.”

As water is life for living organisms on this planet we should have plenty of water daily so our body can get adequate nutrients and oxygen to our body. After getting adequate nutrients and other elements will boost our immune system.


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